DIS innovative engineering

Dansk IngeniørService (DIS) was created in the late 90´s by Michael Gadeberg and now is a strong leader in the technology market. Its driving force has been always a strong passion for technology and for finding new solution to technical challenges. Behind DIS there are currently over 500 employees, among them, hardware, software, electrical and automation engineers, that together with designers develop new solutions. DIS is mostly located in European countries such as Denmark, Germany, Poland and Spain and, lately, also in three American cities.


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Hunters Racing is challenging today’s latest technology by going back to a time where the car is driven and not driving itself. We want to combine the simplicity of yesterday with the technology of tomorrow. Our car is designed as an old-time beach buggy, daring the driver to explore beyond the limits of the road. The ideal driver is passionate, hunting for adrenaline and a raw driving experience. “Racing is not about driving, it is about being driven.”



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