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New season, new challenges. With 52 great minds from all over the world, we are planning to build a super formula student car that will make you proud of us.


After the success of the last season, new companies took part of our list of sponsors, starting with Schur Technology. The company is based right here in Horsens and is a leading supplier of packing solutions. With over 50 years of experience, they have developed advanced machines for retail packaging in carton, plastic, and marking systems. Schur Technology is just one of the 15 companies within the larger international Schur company, specializing within packing and packaging. Altogether, the company has offices situated all across the globe, including Denmark, Sweden, Germany, France, Australia, and the USA. Together, Schur excels in customer service, always putting the customer at the center of each project.

For more information visit the website, their services, and the full Schur solution to all your packaging needs:


We are also excited to announce the new sponsor DIS (Dansk IngeniørService). The company was created in the late 90’s by Michael Gadeberg and now is a strong leader in the technology market. Its driving force has been always a strong passion for technology and for finding new solution to technical challenges. Behind DIS there are currently over 500 employees, among them, hardware, software, electrical and automation engineers, that together with designers develop new solutions. DIS is mostly located in European countries such as Denmark, Germany, Poland and Spain and, lately, also in three American cities.

For more information visit the website:


One of our newest sponsors comes from Horsens and is called C&C Garage Horsens. Their focus covers everything connected with car mechanics, from small reparation to changing and buying a new car. Their garage is specialized in reparation and diagnosis. Furthermore, they professionality is also based on the relation with the customers; assistance and availability are on top of their list.

C&C Garage is particularly helpful for us Hunters, not only for the economic support, but also for the possibility of using their space and tools to work on our car.

For more information visit the website:


Last but not less important is the sponsor named Mathworks. Mathworks is a platform that offers support in MATLAB, Simulink and Model-Based Design. The consultants that works behind these names are experts in designing and optimizing model and algorithms, visualizing and managing data, and developing applications. Their aim is to show you how to integrate MATLAB and Simulink with your databases, requirements and configuration management tools, and other software systems to unify workflows, models, and data, and to eliminate duplication of development effort and reduce maintenance costs. They can also help you establish or refine your Model-Based Design development process to design, prototype, and implement embedded systems to accelerate project development and shorten time-to-market.

For more information visit the website:


That’s all for today, we have a lot of things planned for this season, so stay tuned if you don’t want to miss anything. See you next time!


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Hunters Racing is challenging today’s latest technology by going back to a time where the car is driven and not driving itself. We want to combine the simplicity of yesterday with the technology of tomorrow. Our car is designed as an old-time beach buggy, daring the driver to explore beyond the limits of the road. The ideal driver is passionate, hunting for adrenaline and a raw driving experience. “Racing is not about driving, it is about being driven.”


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